Planning your own funeral

For those who wish to plan their own funeral before their death.

Your farewell the way you want it

Another service I offer is helping you create your own funeral service. You may just be planning for the future, or because you are terminally ill, and want to put down your final goodbye for your family. It would be a privilege to work with you to create the farewell you want your family and friends to experience.

During my visit/s, we will talk about your life and loves. We will talk about your failures and your achievements. We will listen to your favourite music, and music that meant something to you during your life.

I will take all these notes and create a ceremony, which I will edit and share with you until you are completely happy. I will then give you a bound copy of the ceremony, for you to either keep, or place with someone until the time comes for when it needs to be used.

If I am available, I will deliver the ceremony. If I am not, your family just need to give it to the funeral director, and let them know that a celebrant is needed to deliver the service, or your family may want to deliver the service themselves.