A time to celebrate and reflect on the life of your loved one.

A Celebration of Life

Sometimes the short time available at the crematorium is just not enough for a fitting memorial to your loved one. A memorial service at a different location and time to the committal can give time for all who are grieved to have that time to share, and celebrate the life of the one who has past.

See it as, the crematorium is the place where you say farewell. Whereas the memorial ceremony is when you, your family and friends can all talk about your loved one and how fortunate you were to have them in our life, however long or short.

It is very much a “Celebration of Life”. They can be held at any time that is significant to you, and can help the grieving process. You could have a memorial service for example at the following times:

  • After the Crematorium service, at another location to enable a longer service
  • To enable family and friends to reflect, if they were unable to attend the funeral
  • On the anniversary of a death
  • When scattering or burying the ashes
  • Your loved one’s Birthday

Pay tribute to your loved one

A Memorial is all about, celebrating and reflecting on the life of your loved one.

When the ashes are returned to you for strewing or interment, a memorial service could be created, with the time to truly pay tribute of your loved one. You could try any one of the following:

  • You, your family, friends and pets can gather at a beautiful location
  • Other memorable setting
  • Create a sacred space to plant a tree
  • Express your thoughts and feelings through decorating a memory tree
  • Write and recite poetry or play memorable music together
  • From a boat on lake, river, or at sea
  • Along the coast, on a beach, or riverbank

A memorial ceremony, with a ritual to strewn or intern the ashes, can give you more time for a more meaningful celebration of your loved ones life.