A ceremony celebrating a life can be so much more than just a goodbye, as it can bring warmth to the heart when it is needed most.

Civil Funeral Ceremony

Civil Funerals are now commonplace in the UK. They are an alternative to a religious or atheist Funeral Ceremony, but can contain elements of either if you wish.

A Civil Funeral Ceremony puts the emphasis on the life of the deceased, and their beliefs and mantras, not the beliefs of the person leading the ceremony.

Each ceremony I create, is written to capture the spirit of the person who has died using words, poetry, music, personal stories, and anecdotes. Putting into words, in a heart-led way, a loving tribute to your loved one.

As unique as they were

When you lose someone you love, and you have to say goodbye, you want a service to be as unique as they were.

Through the words that are spoken, and the music chosen to reflect their life, I aim to give you a ceremony that comforts as we celebrate the life of the deceased.

I will create a ceremony that helps you remember your loved one, whilst bringing comfort through the memories shared and feelings expressed in a meaningful way as you say goodbye.

Why a Celebrant

For some people, a fully religious ceremony or humanist ceremony may not include everything you wish to express about your loved one. As an independent celebrant, I can incorporate either a religious element or a humanist element, or both if that is your wish.

For example, I can include a favourite hymn or prayer if you shared one, or you may want the committal to be religious.

The benefit of having an independent celebrant means we can arrange the ceremony your way.

With your help, I will provide a ceremony that will truly reflect the individual and the life that they led.